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John's Books
Hell Behind Prison Walls by author John J. Pecchio is his autobiography of working in an All Male Maximum-Security Prison. This book became a regional best-seller. Now, his newest book, The Devil's Den of Prison and Justice, has also generated great interest in readers. Both books are filled with true, compelling, and gripping stories. An engrossing, insightful, and highly informative look into what truly goes on behind the federal and state prison walls.

His career as a prison instructor, which spanned nearly three decades, has provided him with first-hand knowledge necessary to expose the failings of both prison and government officials to successfully rehabilitate dangerous criminals. Instead of enforcing self-discipline, a no-tolerance policy for infractions, and a strong work ethic into the prisoners' daily lives, officials have allowed them to hide behind their civil rights and, in doing so, indulge and cater to their every whim for fear of retribution.

This critical breakdown in power is thereby leading to a complete loss of authority and control in the prison system. His vivid descriptions and shocking accounts of the violence, manipulation, and corruption that he and other prison employees encountered throughout their careers will give readers an insider's look into a world of which little is known by the public. These books, Hell Behind Prison Walls and The Devil's Den of Prison and Justice, are highly recommended to anyone looking to become informed of an increasingly dangerous national problem that isn't receiving the attention it deserves.

Hell Behind Prison Walls PDF Print E-mail
Shams, charades, and circus from 25 years of instructing inmates.
The Devil's Den of Prison and Justice PDF Print E-mail
True, compelling, and gripping stories on why prisons are failing and courts have become a playground for criminals, based on 25 years of instructing prisoners.