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The Devil's Den of Prison and Justice PDF Print E-mail
True, compelling, and gripping stories on why prisons are failing and courts have become a playground for criminals, based on 25 years of instructing prisoners. The Devil's Den of Prison and Justice recounts the greed, ignorance, and manipulation committed by the power-seeking officials that John J. Pecchio worked under for nearly three decades while employed by the prison system.

From his experience as a vocational instructor in the Elmira Correctional Facility, an all-male maximum security prison in New York, Pecchio offers unique insight into the inner-workings of America's prisons. In addition, he gives readers a definitive look into the causes behind their major problems, which were shockingly created by lawmakers and prisons officials. He boldly reveals how federal and state prisons have deteriorated to their worst condition in the history of these institutions. They have changed from being run with dignity and strong security into a hellish nightmare where corruption is the norm.

With the loss of positive leadership in prisons came the increase of prisoner’s power, primarily caused by their ability to hide behind highly-defended Civil Rights which took precedence above all else. These rights allowed them to live without fear of strong retribution for their actions, thereby leading to a breakdown in inmate behavior and resulting in riots, fights, and physical and verbal abuse of prison workers.

Pecchio personally suffered the negative effects of this volatile environment when he was brutally attacked by a prisoner who was serving two life sentences for multiple murders. This attack, which Pecchio describes in devastating detail, was induced by the failings of the prison systems along with the lack of prisoner and administrative discipline.

Many people naively believe that incarceration inevitably leads to rehabilitation; however, the public is unaware of what truly goes on behind prison walls in the United States. They are lulled into a false sense of security when in fact the justice system is failing to take the necessary steps in rehabilitating prisoners to keep society and prison workers safe.

Pecchio not only emphasizes his points with many vivid examples of his own experiences with criminals and prison life, but he also offers insightful solutions to this important issue in his book, The Devil's Den of Prison and Justice.

Click here to read the preface to The Devil's Den of Prison and Justice.