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Preface from "The Devil's Den of Prison and Justice" PDF Print E-mail

    Behind those prison walls is a failing prison system that’s contaminated with flaws and imbedded with unthinking, unknowing or corrupt officials and political bureaucrats.
Prisoners’ today act like prehistoric man is existing all over again, because they lack the strict discipline needed to curb their cold-blooded and malicious criminal instincts.
    In today’s society, too many Americans naively believe that dangerous criminals are imprisoned to be rehabilitated and will be punished for their crimes. But how can you rehabilitate hardened criminals and put them back into society when they were never disciplined to be a part of society to begin with? 
    Three years after I started working in the prison system in 1966 as a vocational instructor teaching prisoners a trade, the system changed drastically into a circus of shams and charades. Lawmakers have contributed to the downfall of our prisons by passing too many humanitarian laws to protect prisoner’s rights without knowing the impact that they were going to have on prison’s security and society.
    Humanitarian laws have obstructed our prison administrators, turning them into servants to the prisoners and exchanging their leadership to become political followers who worry more about pleasing their superiors than prison safety. 
    Prisons were built for lawful detainment, and correctional officers are the back bone of the prison system. However, the fear of moving daily between freedom and captivity while walking a delicate line between administrative politics and the threat of inmate violence has reduced their morale to the lowest point in history. 
    Prisons were not built to have prisoners defying prison security. They also weren’t designed to have inmates physically and verbally abuse staff by such means as throwing human waste on them, and for their punishment, receive a slap on the wrist.    
    In the early days of prisons, we had stronger leadership and did not need to build extra prisons to contain so many non-rehabilitated and undisciplined prisoners. Now, the prison system is failing to rehabilitate prisoners as well as failing to cure the violence in the criminal’s minds.
    Rehabilitation and prison reform have become words to keep tax dollars flowing into the prison system. However, the real truth is that violence continues to flow freely behind those prison walls, as well as with prison leaders, lawmakers, politicians and taxpayers. The people in those positions continue to ignore the warning signs of just how dangerous criminals have become. They also fail to see that lack of personal discipline is at the core of it.
    According to our Justice Department, repeat felons commit most of the crimes in the United States. This country now has the highest incarceration rate in the world next to Russia.  It has doubled in the last decade, averaging 2.1 million in early 2002.    
In 2004, according to the United States Justice Department, the total number of people incarcerated in federal and state prisons or jails, as well as those on probation and parole, has reached a staggering 6.9 million. That is about 3.2 percent of the nation’s adult population, or one in every thirty-two adults, in trouble with the law. This fact clearly sends a message that our judicial system and prisons are failing society because they do not stop criminals from becoming repeat felons.      
    The recidivism rates are at an all time high. Our judicial system spends approximately $100 billion a year to fight crime in this country. Yet, our laws cannot stop the steady flow of approximately nine hundred criminals a week going into our prison systems.
    Prison parole board members have to be brain-dead to allow such violent, un-rehabilitated criminals, to carry their violent, hardcore style back to the streets just because they served some time and have good institutional records. 
    Our justice department reports that ninety percent of sex offenders and child-molesters who have been released from our prisons will return within three years.  Mr. John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted” documents that we now have over six hundred-thousand sexual predators in the United States and one hundred-thousand missing from our database. They are moving around freely, targeting our children and their next victims.