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Mr. Derek Young-Majoring In Criminal Justice PDF Print E-mail

Dear Mr. John Pecchio,


I am the 17-year-old that met you at the Centre County Grange Fair where you were doing a book signing. I have been accepted at Penn State College this year and will be majoring in Criminal Justice.

I just wanted to let you know that I've read your books and I must say that every single one of the cons that your superiors did to you, the inmate beating you up, and the way it seems prisons are run today are absolutely wrong. It was wrong for all of that to happen to you and I'm glad that you are writing about this. To me, you are sending us all a message about what is wrong with the prison system today and by sharing your stories, you have totally convinced me that things need to be changed.

I met a person the other week that worked as a security guard in a prison for 15 years of his life and he told me that one of the problems with prison is that we're rehabilitating instead of re-socializing. The word rehabilitate means to turn you back into the way you were and the man told me that these people were drug addicts and criminals and we're only making them back into criminals. I got some sense into what he was saying because these people really don't know how to communicate with the world. The prison world is all they know; outside of it is what they should know. We need to try and re-socialize them so they have a better chance in the world. I have to say that I have missed you ever since I left the Grange Fair. You really have been an inspiration for me and I definitely know that I am meant to be a Prosecuting Attorney. I hope that one day I can make a difference in the prison system today because it is wrong. The rights they have, the problems that are not being taken care of, need to be changed. I hope that I can change them.

I will write to you more often and feel free to e-mail me back about how your new novel is coming and if you're doing that special documentary on prisons and is Stacy Keach the actor going to narrate it?




Derek Young