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Book Review PDF Print E-mail

Hello Mr. Pecchio,


        I brought your book at the fall fest Oct 9th 2010 “The Devils Den of Prison and Justice”.

        I told you a little about my brother who was in and out of jails and prisons since the age of 12.

        I always had hoped that when he was paroled this time he would be different, but he was still violent and ended up returning back to prison.

        I do not send him money anymore. After speaking to you and telling you how he had tattoos on his body and was in prison solitary confinement for one year. You told me his mind is gone and there is no hope in reforming him. You also mention that most tattoos are gang related and not just because inmates are bored.  

        That confirmed what I felt in my heart. Hearing you speak as if you knew him made it all a reality for me and I thank you for opening my eyes to the truth.

        Your book is helping me to understand where my brother’s head is at and why he has to do the things he does to survive prison life.

        I’ve heard people say he could steal a radio from you and keep the music playing.

        I am going to share your book with the family and tell them how to order there own. I hope it will open their eye too. 

        There are several family members who send him whatever he asked for. So thank you very much for this wonderful eye opening book.


Thank you