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Prisons Failing PDF Print E-mail

Prisons are like a small town isolated from civilization.

They have become so contaminated with flaws, embedded with unthinking, unknowing corrupted administrator and political leaders.

Ask yourself, "Why do convicted criminals go to prisons and continue to commit more crimes"? And why do repeat felons and illegal immigrants commit most of the crimes in the United States? Along, with the United State having the highest incarceration in the world...

When prisons changed their name to correctional facilities all hell broke loose. Correctional officer went from being the backbone of prison system to "glorified babysitter, walking a delicate line between administrated politics and the threat of inmate violence.

The lack of discipline and not re-socializing inmates has increased the recidivism of approximately 79% in one-to-three years.

It is mind-boggling to see our courtrooms turn into a playground of criminal's rights, especially when criminal violated the rights of their victims.

As a prison instructor, in a maximum security prison for almost three decades, I respectfully provide first-hand knowledge necessary to expose why I think prisons are failing.

Instead of enforcing self-discipline a no-tolerance policy for infraction and a strong work ethics into prisoner's daily lives. Officials have allowed them to hide behind their civil rights, gives these Violent criminals and gangs members, who are known killers, rapist, drug-pushers, mentally disturbed, and career criminals, overcrowding our prisons, who think nothing of violating civil rights of prison worker and extorting and raping the less violent inmates.

I noticed over the years how prison administrators kept indulging and catering to the criminal every whim for fear of retribution.

The critical breakdown in power is thereby leading to a complete loss of authority and control in the prison system.

My Book, Hell Behind Prison Walls, which is my autobiography and The Devil's Den of Prison and Justice," will give readers a vivid descriptions and shocking accounts of violence, manipulation and corruption that I and other employees have encountered throughout our careers and look into a world of which little is known by the public.

My video is a dramatic view of prison life.

God Bless America