Federal Prison Psychiatric Nurse
April 13, 2007

From:  (Psychiatric Nurse) Federal Prison

Subject: "The Devil's Den of Prison and Justice" & "Hell Behind Prison Walls"

Hi John,

    I finally got the time to finish reading The Devil's Den. I loved it. I have read both your books and found them to be right on the money. All of us who work in prisons are in constant danger. The American people have no idea of the despicable crimes people commit. They are also unaware of what goes on in prisons.

    As if that isn't frustrating enough, management is completely incompetent. They do not get their positions because they earn them. They get them because of who they know. My boss brags that she got her first job in the prison system without even trying. She just had her Daddy make a phone call.

    Management are not even interested in rehabilitation. I have heard Deputy Directors say at meetings, "We don't want cure. We just want better inmates".

    The prisoners have more rights than we do. I agree we need to have a more disciplined and military type of setting. Right now inmates do not have to do anything. They can just sit in their cell and plan further manipulations. Some of these inmates will be released back into society. Society will expect them to get a job and go to work every day as we do. Most of them are lacking education and will not be able to get any job paying more than the minimum wage. How can we expect them not to go back to crime? How can we expect them to get up and go to work every day if for 15, 20, or more years we haven't expected them to do that?

    I have found both your books enlightening and also helpful. They also show me that the things I see are not just my perception. They have helped me in watching my back.

    DOCS will quickly tell people about all the programs they offer to inmates. What they do not tell the public is that the inmates do not have to participate in any of them if they don't want to. I think we need to teach them the skills they do not have. These are self discipline, respect for themselves or anybody else, and teach them the value of hard work.

    I as a tax payer demand more return for my money. So should every other tax payer. Take care and Thank You for having the courage to write your books.