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Rich Mayer PDF Print E-mail

May 18, 2004

Dear John,
        Hope that this finds you doing well. Everything here is fine, kind of quiet, which is always good. I told you that I would message you when I finished your book. Well I did finish it finally, had lots of interruptions along the way.
    Your book Hell Behind Prison Walls was very interesting, not the normal genre that I read. With everything that you went through while you were working at the prison is amazing that you are not a bitter man. Your have obviously persevered through the trials, tribulations, and not to mention the ton of all out B. S. It certainly puts a different spin on things for me at work here. I understand that there are politics no matter where you go but to go through what you did was just unnecessary. With that being said I count myself lucky to not have to deal anything like what you did. You've showed your strength of character by not letting those individuals with their pettiness drag you down into the much and mire with them.
    Again thank you for the book, it was very good. It was also a fairly easy read; you didn't get hung up on the jargon that was surely used there at the prison. And when you did use some of the jargon, you did a great job of describing what it was so as not to lose the reader. Thank you again.


Rich Mayer