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Howard L. (Skeet) Sinsabaugh PDF Print E-mail

Dear John,

    I bought your book "Hell Behind Prison Walls" last Sunday, August 8, 2004 and started to read it the very same day. I just finished reading it today, Aug. 15th. I have to say that it's one of the most interesting and easy to read books I've ever read. Once I started it, I hated to put it down. The print is such that you kind of just glide through it, much like the book I'm currently reading which was authored by former president Bill Clinton. Only the copy of his book that I'm reading is in large print. I highly recommend your book to anyone who likes to read.

    This book not only shows what people have to undergo in their everyday jobs in the normal workforce, but also highlights the abuse of power that many supervisors use, especially in prison cultures where you were working. I've been saying right along those prisons inmates had more rights than law-abiding citizens, and this book reinforces that theory. Having worked in these circumstances, you would know more about it than I, but I'm convinced that there need to be many reforms to the prison systems across the nation.
Good luck with your book and with your next project.


Howard L. Skeet Sinsabaugh
Waverly, N.Y.